At Organic Lover Thailand we are passionate about supplying high quality Certified Organic Products , at a fair price .  We have sourced the best Certified fresh and dry goods available in Thailand .  All of our Fresh Organic produce is grown in Thailand by Thai farmers and Certified to European standards. Organic Lover Thailand is also proud to supply the first Ozone treated fresh produce to Phuket , this process ensures all products are free from pathogens . Organic produce in every country is seasonal , Thailand is no different , if it is not in season then it will not be available for purchase on our store . We will also stock a full range of Super Foods , Personal items and Herbal supplements . Our goal is to expand our product range as our customer base and business grows . We also offer Phukets first complete home delivery service , saving you time and  money . Please feel welcome to visit our shop opening on the 1st of April 2016 , close to Central festival , location map at the bottom of the home page . Wholesale enquiries welcome , please email us to discuss further.