Welcome to Organic Lover Thailand !

We are very happy that you have taken the time to visit our shop . The basis for our shop is to supply premium Organic products at a fair price . Organic Fresh vegetables and fruit that are grown on internationally Certified farms here in Thailand , these are grown in the soil , without chemicals or pesticides . The real proof is in the taste and freshness of the produce , we are also the only supplier who is Ozone treating all our fresh produce to an international standard . The produce we sell is the real deal , the future of the worlds food supply depends on Organic farming , as does the very survival of our farmers .  Do not be fooled into thinking Hydroponics is Organic , it has no Organic qualities at all . We are also proud to offer a very broad range of Super Foods , Personal care Items , Nuts , Seeds , Breads , Juices , Coffee .....the list will continue to grow as we expand . Thanks for visiting our Store and we hope to hear from you soon !